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Stacy Harris

Tea Party with my Little Angels

What’s Really Important?

WHAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT? I am a get it done, cross it off the list, make a new list and get that done …

You will love this give-away! I have used mine for years!

Pressure Canner Giveaway

  Why Pressure Can? Pressure Canning Kills more germs and bacteria than water bath canners, and it is great for canning nonacid …

One of my favorite meals is sausage, mustard, relishes, and cheeses...devine

The Lost Art of Sausage Making

THE LOST ART OF SAUSAGE MAKING Making sausage yourself truly has become a lost art. Most people are satisfied to pick up …


Fun FoodSaver Group Giveaway!

FoodSaver Group Giveaway We are having a FoodSaver Group Giveaway today! This is a great way to preserve your food for an …

I just love how the sun is kissing my garden in this photo. It's so peaceful.

Fall Planting Dates

Fall Planting Dates  Next week marks to first day of fall; don’t miss out on its planting season!  The cool season demands …