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Dutch Oven Give Away

Dutch Oven Kit Give Away

DUTCH OVEN KIT GIVE AWAY Camp Chef and I are teaming up to give you one of the most useful cooking vessels …

I just love a fireplace. That was one of my request for Scott and my honeymoon. They are so romantic! We went to Jackson Hole and the temperature was 18 degrees below freezing. I love oooking over an open fire.

Dutch Oven Cooking

DUTCH OVEN COOKING You know the old question, if you could take only 3 things to a deserted island with you for …

The Birthday Kids having fun! Notice that Hunter has only opened his "farm" hat.

Birthday Traditions

BIRTHDAY TRADITIONS Birthdays in the Harris household are fun, loud, and very important. With 7 kids, birthdays are a big deal. The …

I hope he reads this daily. It will make a big difference in the way that he chooses to go. I just love my boy so very much.

My Letter to a Son

MY LETTER TO A SON Yesterday as I was praying and thinking about the needs of each of the children, I had …

I love playing hopscotch!  Do any of you?

15 Minute Rule

15 MINUTE RULE This post is for you mothers out there that have so much to do that you don’t even know …

Cheesy grits are a Southern staple. There is really no better comfort food. Grits and polenta are both made from stone ground grits, but are made from different types of corn.

Cheesy Grits…Need I Say More

Cheesy Grits…Need I Say More? Grits, especially Cheesy Grits, are a staple in the Southern Kitchen. They are kind of like rice, or …