About Stacy Lyn Harris

About Stacy Lyn Harris

Stacy Harris/ Author

Stacy Harris/ Author/Sustainable Expert

Stacy Lyn Harris, sustainable living advocate and author, is pioneering the farm-to-fork eating movement. In addition to free-range, organic domesticated animals, and heirloom vegetables and fruits, she advocates harvesting animals from the wild dubbing it as “some of the healthiest, tasteful  meat on the planet.” Putting aside her career as a lawyer, Stacy now lives her dream of raising seven children and maintaining a healthy, sustainable, back-to-the basics lifestyle.

Stacy Lyn is a wife and mother to 7, a native of Pike Road, Alabama and is the author of 3 Bestselling cookbooks, Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living (Krause Publishing 2013), Tracking the Outdoors In (Gray Forest Publishing 2012), and Wildgame: Food for your family (Krause Publishing 2013) and a DVD, Gourmet Venison (Krause Publishing 2013).

Her blog, gameandgarden.com, has been named one of the top 100 blogs by Hearst Publication and her recipes, expertise in sustainable living, and Southern heritage have  been reference by CookingChannel.tv, glamour.com, healthyliving.msn.com, and featured in GRIT.com, Alabama Magazine, LEAN Magazine, Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine and countless other websites and magazines.

Stacy Lyn has written for SouthernLiving.com, BonniePlants.com, ArtofManliness.com and numerous outdoor/sustainable living magazines such as MossyOak Gamekeepers, Buckmasters, and Living Ready Magazine.

She has appeared and cooked on local, national and world wide television on shows such as The Joni Lamb Show (Daystar TV), Destination Whitetail, Deer and Deer Hunting, The Jackie Bushman Show, The Rick and Bubba Show, and many others. She cooks and gives sustainable tips every week on The Sporting Chef Television Show.

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A Note from Stacy Lyn:

My name is Stacy Lyn Harris. I have lived in Alabama my entire life and I LOVE living in the heart of the South. My grandparents instilled in me the necessity of living sustainable and I feel the same urgency to pass this healthy lifestyle on to the next generation. In this world of technological advancements, I fear that we are compromising our food sources and therefore living less healthy, eating less healthy, and certainly eating less tasteful foods. I fear we have forgotten the simplicity of sustainable living. Living sustainable is a common sense approach that fed the souls and bodies of those before us, and it is my joy to bring the art of sustainability back into the lives I am able to touch.

I am not advocating that we don’t need others in our lives, but I am advocating being as self- sufficient as possible, therefore able to contribute to the needs of others. Communities working together for one another. I think it is innate in our souls to want to be as independent as possible providing for our own needs, and then have enough left to share with others.

I am thankful to be married to a strong, kind, self-sufficient kind of man who challenges me to live beyond myself. I raise and home educate my seven children, cook incessantly, do mounds of laundry, garden, forage, fish, and spend hours on various homesteading projects. I spend my days teaching my children how to live off the land and live as abundantly and creatively as much as possible. At most anytime I can be found building a chicken tractor, earthen oven, smokehouse, planting a garden, fishing, bee-keeping, hunting, foraging, or preserving food or at least giving instructions to others to do so while I am writing a recipe, blog post, or articles that are due.

I consider myself a back-to-basics kind of gal and have made it my priority and ambition to stay away from the supermarket! I do love visiting the fish market and farmer’s markets though. I enjoy seeing what beautiful fish, produce, and meats that the local artisans are bringing in. They are all artisans – a person skilled in producing high quality distinctive products.

My self-sustainable back-to-basics life began the day I married my husband, Scott. Scott is an avid outdoorsman who lived to hunt and fish. He brought home “the fruit of his labor” dubbing it as “the best meat known to man.” I didn’t think so early in our marriage, but am absolutely convinced at its perfection now.

I love fine food and wanted to create really exceptional, nutritious, natural recipes for the wild game and fish Scott brought home to serve to our family. I pored over ancient recipes and developed the ability to make the most succulent tender meat out of even inferior cuts of wild game. It surely was challenging, but after spending countless hours learning new techniques and inventing delicious recipes for these wild foods, I felt compelled to share my knowledge and hard earned expertise with others.

I thought, “Why stop with the protein that we eat.” I planted a garden of heirloom vegetables sprinkled with flowers and voila; my adventure of eating off the land began. My children are involved in every area of this “living off the land” process right along side of us, as well as cooking, and preserving the harvest.

One of the most rewarding gifts of living sustainable with your family is the closeness around the table. Everyone has taken part in some aspect of sustainability and everyone gets to enjoy the bounty together.

One of the most rewarding gifts of living sustainable with your family is the closeness around the table. Everyone has taken part in some aspect of sustainability and everyone gets to enjoy the bounty together.

I believe one of the finest privileges in life is the privilege to learn! I am constantly learning new ways to prepare, preserve, and expand my culinary knowledge and self-sufficiency. As I learn, I love passing on lessons to others, either through my books, blog, or sharing it on the radio airwaves or television.

My sincere goal is to inspire and teach people of every age to live abundant, joyful, healthy lives and to do it with style and beauty, and “good taste”. The first step is taking back control of our food resources. My hope is to inspire others in some way to begin to grow and harvest their own food and to continually take steps forward toward individual freedom, self-sustainability, and optimal health, while eating the best prepared foods on the planet.

I further hope that people will step back from the super-market aisles and step up and into their local farmer’s markets and utilize the unlimited bounty found right in their own backyards, woods, and waters for the freshest most organic back-to-basic foods.

The Harris family enjoying time together on the back porch.

The Harris family enjoying time together on the back porch.

Harris Family

Our family has a passion for God, family, the outdoors, and preparing and feasting on awesome food! Scott and I began our family of two in 1993 and it has grown to nine since then.

Scott and I hope to pass on to our children our love of the natural resources at our fingertips. We hope to encourage them to enjoy what our land has to offer, manage it, and to be good stewards of all that has been given us. Each of the children are finding their niche in our sustainable lifestyle. You will often see blogs written by my oldest children, especially concerning the garden and hunting sections.

My other children are busy cooking my recipes for a third, fourth, or fifth time to make sure that the recipes are accurate and keeping things going when I have deadlines. The smaller children keep the herb garden, make flower arrangements for the table, check the chickens for eggs, and much much more!

Our goal is to encourage you to take advantage of God’s resources and create fabulous food that nourishes the body for its full potential in living a happy abundant life. I hope you will enjoy the information posted in the pages of our website, facebook, or twitter and in the various articles in magazines and in our books. May God bless you!




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